DJI Relay (Global)

DJI Relay (Global)

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Introducing the DJI Relay Module

Elevate your agricultural drone capabilities with the newly launched DJI Relay Module. Engineered specifically for DJI Agriculture drones, including the Agras T40 and T20P models, this revolutionary module extends your signal transmission range, becoming an indispensable asset for extensive farming operations across varying terrains.

▪ Compatible with Agras T40/T20P
▪ Extends transmission Range
▪ Power for long work hours
▪ Bottom description already there



Addressing Signal Interruptions

Signal interruptions between your drone and its controller can be a nuisance and a hazard, especially when caused by tall crops, dense foliage, or hilly landscapes. These disruptions can result in display lags and heighten the risk of losing the signal. The DJI Relay Module has been developed to resolve this challenge, enhancing your drone operations' reliability.

Firmware Recommendations

To optimize your experience with the DJI Relay Module, it's essential to ensure your devices are running the latest firmware versions. We recommend the following versions:

Aircraft: 01.01.0510
Remote Controller: 01.01.0837
App: 6.5.19
Easy Pairing Process

Pairing your DJI Relay Module with your AGRAS drone is a breeze. Simply power up the module, begin the pairing process from your remote controller, and wait for the signal lights to indicate a successful connection.

Power for Long Hours of Work

For long work hours in the field, the DJI Relay Module supports charging via a PD protocol power bank. Keep your Relay charged and ready even in remote locations, far from conventional power sources.

Installation Tips and Safety Notes

Finding the ideal spot to mount your Relay Module is critical for optimal signal coverage. Aim for a central, elevated location within your operation area. To install the Relay Module, a standard tripod connector is necessary - not included in the package - and it can be mounted on a suitable pole and tripod base customized to your unique terrain and crop requirements. Please note that the Relay Module should be installed at least 2 meters above the crop canopy that you plan to spray, and avoid usage during thunderstorms for safety purposes.

Stable Signal Connection

Experience unprecedented signal stability with the DJI Relay Module. Even when your drone navigates around obstructive terrains, you can trust in a secure, stable connection. Enhance your agricultural drone operations today with the DJI Relay Module – a new standard in advanced drone technology.

* Please use a 5/8’’ screw. The pole and tripod are not included in the product package.


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