DJI Agras T30/T40 Ultrafast Charger

DJI Agras T30/T40 Ultrafast Charger

  • Compatible with Agras T40/T30 Batteries
  • 10min ultrafast charging
  • 10,500 running watt generator required
  • 50amp 220-240V outlet


The T30/T40 Intelligent Battery Station can connect with up to two batteries. While charging, the battery station monitors the status of the batteries and can automatically adjust the charging current if required. The battery station continues to charge even if the ventilation holes are blocked. Users can check the battery charging status LEDs and the warning indicator on the operation panel of the battery station to confirm if there are any errors. The battery station can be connected to a remote controller using a USB-C cable and users can launch the DJI MG or DJI AGRAS TM app to check more detailed information regarding any errors. Additionally, the battery station has the following functions: overcurrent protection, overcharging protection, under-voltage protection, overheating protection, and status display.


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