We love to talk drones. Feel free to contact us with questions and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Do I need a license to fly spray drones?

Yes, we offer help in obtaining your proper documents and licenses to get you operating legally in the least amount of time. Contact us to get a detailed road map on the process.

How long does a drone airframe last?

You can expect three years out of your DJI spray drone with minimum maintenance.

What is the best way to mix chemical batches?

For small fields or test plots you can mix each 8-Gal batch individually. For larger all-day operation we recommend bulk mixing (hot tank) with a transfer pump for maximum efficiency.

What can I charge if I want to be a custom applicator?

We recommend Having a minimum service fee with bulk price breaks for large acreage.
*Different areas will support different pricing. Reaching out to your county extension office may offer more insight on service pricing*

How easy is it to operate spray drones?

 Intuitive operation systems offer low learning curves with automatic operation capabilities. Once mission parameters have been set click “GO” and the drone does the rest. Not comfortable learning on your own? We offer FREE training with your purchase to ensure smooth integration into your operation.