The Agras T40 is equipped with a twin-rotor design for a spreading capacity of 50 kg and a spraying capacity of 40 kg. This farming drone has better durability and is optimized for precision spraying and spreading, ideal for orchard hills, covering up to 60 acres of fruit trees in an hour.

50kg spreading payload
40kg spraying payload

Active Phased Array Radar +
Binocular Vision

Dual Atomized
Spraying System

Supports flight spraying/spreading and RC mapping

Core Modules


EFI Generator
15% fuel saving

50kg spreading payload[1]
40kg spraying payload[1]

Active Phased Array Radar +
Binocular Vision

Dual Atomized
Spraying System

Supports flight spraying/spreading and RC mapping

Core Modules

EFI Generator
15% fuel saving[3]

per hour 21.3 hectare


Per hour 4 hectare


per hour 1.5tonnes of fertilizer


Massive payload increase thanks to the
coaxial twin rotor

The AGRAS T40 features a coaxial twin rotor design that increases the payload capacity by 30% with a maximum payload of 50 kg [1]. Its foldable design reduces the aircraft size by 70% for greater portability.


T40 spreading system (50kg payload[1])

Enhanced spreading efficiency for superior performance

Active Phased Array Radar + Binocular Vision

Obstacle Sensing

Mapping, spraying and spreading, all in one

The AGRAS T40 combines mapping, spraying and spreading functions, while its UHD camera and adjustable gimbal enable easy capture of your desired view. Farmland and orchard images can be captured in real time, and local maps can be generated using the remote controller with the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station. The system detects land boundaries and obstacles automatically, for quicker planning of flight routes over farmland and hilly orchards.

Fully enhanced remote controller for smoother, faster mapping

The 8-core processor makes mapping of 6.67 hectares possible in 10 minutes[10]. Minimizes wasted journeys with intelligent route planning, for greater efficiency. The large 7-inch high brightness screen offers a broader view with refined detail. A wide range of custom physical buttons provides flexible control.

Robustly tested for ultimate reliability

The core components are designed to withstand complex and harsh farmland environments. They have passed a host of rigorous tests such as corrosion prevention, high and low temperature, and aging tests, to ensure peace of mind for the user.

Ultra-fast charging

12000W Multifunctional Inverter Generator with new EFI technology and 15% fuel saving[3]. The charging station produces 1500W AC output, sufficient to power the remote controller, water pump, reloader, lights, and other components. The 30000mAh Intelligent Flight Battery with its standard air-cooled heat sink can cool down rapidly.

D12000iE Multifunctional Inverter Generator

30L tank charges 47 batteries
1500W AC output
9-min ultra-fast charging

T40 Intelligent Flight Battery

Capacity up to 30000 mAh
11.5C while discharging, 6C while charging
warranty coverage of 1,500 charging cycles

DJI Agras Intelligent Cloud

By pairing AGRAS T40 with the Phantom 4 Multispectral, the platform allows you to perform variable spraying/spreading operations with precision based on the farmland’s prescription map. The feature is useful for the spraying of fertilizers on rice, fertilizers and defoliants on cotton crops, and nutrient solutions on soybeans and corn.


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